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/* aewm - Copyright 1998-2007 Decklin Foster <decklin@red-bean.com>.
 * This program is free software; please see LICENSE for details. */

#ifndef AEWM_H
#define AEWM_H

#define VERSION "1.3.11"

#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xutil.h>
#ifdef XFT
#include <X11/Xft/Xft.h>
#include "common.h"
#include "atom.h"

/* Default options you may want to change */

#define DEF_FONT "fixed"
#ifdef XFT
#define DEF_XFTFONT "Sans:size=8"

#define DEF_FG "white"
#define DEF_BG "slategray"
#define DEF_BD "black"
#define DEF_BW 1
#define DEF_PAD 3
#define DEF_IMAP 0

#define DEF_NEW1 "aemenu"
#define DEF_NEW2 "x-terminal-emulator"
#define DEF_NEW3 "aemenu --switch"
#define DEF_NEW4 "aedesk -1"
#define DEF_NEW5 "aedesk +1"

/* End of options */

#ifdef XFT
#define XFT_USAGE "            [--xftfont|-fa <font>]\n"
#define XFT_USAGE ""

#define USAGE \
    "usage: aewm [--config|-rc <file>]\n" \
                 XFT_USAGE \
    "            [--font|-fn <font>]\n" \
    "            [--fgcolor|-fg <color>]\n" \
    "            [--bgcolor|-bg <color>]\n" \
    "            [--bdcolor|-bd <color>]\n" \
    "            [--bdwidth|-bw <integer>]\n" \
    "            [--padding|-p <integer>]\n" \
    "            [--imap|-i] [--no-imap|-n]\n" \
    "            [--new1|-1 <command>]\n" \
    "            [--new2|-2 <command>]\n" \
    "            [--new3|-3 <command>]\n" \
    "            [--new4|-4 <command>]\n" \
    "            [--new5|-5 <command>]\n" \
    "            [--help|-h]\n" \
    "            [--version|-v]\n"

#define SubMask (SubstructureRedirectMask|SubstructureNotifyMask)
#define ButtonMask (ButtonPressMask|ButtonReleaseMask)
#define MouseMask (ButtonMask|PointerMotionMask)

#define BW(c) ((c)->decor ? opt_bw : 0)
#define GRAV(c) ((c->size.flags & PWinGravity) ? c->size.win_gravity : \
#define CAN_PLACE_SELF(t) ((t) == net_wm_type_dock || \
    (t) == net_wm_type_menu || (t) == net_wm_type_splash || \
    (t) == net_wm_type_desk)
#define HAS_DECOR(t) (!CAN_PLACE_SELF(t))
#define IS_ON_CUR_DESK(c) IS_ON_DESK((c)->desk, cur_desk)

#ifdef DEBUG
#define SHOW_EV(name, memb) \
    case name: ev_type = #name; w = e.memb.window; break;
#define SHOW(name) \
    case name: return #name;

typedef struct geom geom_t;
struct geom {
    long x;
    long y;
    long w;
    long h;

typedef struct client client_t;
struct client {
    client_t *next;
    char *name;
    Window win, frame, trans;
    geom_t geom, save;
#ifdef XFT
    XftDraw *xftdraw;
    XSizeHints size;
    Colormap cmap;
    int ignore_unmap;
    unsigned long desk;
#ifdef SHAPE
    Bool shaped;
    Bool shaded;
    Bool zoomed;
    Bool decor;
    int old_bw;

typedef void sweep_func(client_t *, geom_t, int, int, int, int, strut_t *);

enum { MATCH_WINDOW, MATCH_FRAME }; /* find_client */
enum { DEL_WITHDRAW, DEL_REMAP }; /* del_client */
enum { SWEEP_UP, SWEEP_DOWN }; /* sweep */

/* init.c */
extern client_t *head;
extern int screen;
extern unsigned long cur_desk;
extern unsigned long ndesks;
#ifdef SHAPE
extern Bool shape;
extern int shape_event;
extern XFontStruct *font;
extern XFontSet font_set;
#ifdef XFT
extern XftFont *xftfont;
extern XftColor xft_fg;
extern Colormap cmap;
extern XColor fg;
extern XColor bg;
extern XColor bd;
extern GC invert_gc;
extern GC string_gc;
extern GC border_gc;
extern Cursor map_curs;
extern Cursor move_curs;
extern Cursor resize_curs;
extern char *opt_font;
#ifdef XFT
extern char *opt_xftfont;
extern char *opt_fg;
extern char *opt_bg;
extern char *opt_bd;
extern int opt_bw;
extern int opt_pad;
extern int opt_imap;
extern char *opt_new[];
extern void sig_handler(int signum);

/* event.c */
extern void event_loop(void);
extern int handle_xerror(Display *dpy, XErrorEvent *e);
extern int ignore_xerror(Display *dpy, XErrorEvent *e);
#ifdef DEBUG
extern void show_event(XEvent e);

/* client.c */
extern client_t *new_client(Window w);
extern client_t *find_client(Window w, int mode);
extern void map_client(client_t *);
extern int frame_height(client_t *c);
extern int set_wm_state(client_t *c, unsigned long state);
extern void check_states(client_t *c);
extern void parse_state_atom(client_t *, Atom);
extern void send_config(client_t *c);
extern void redraw_frame(client_t *c);
extern geom_t frame_geom(client_t *c);
extern void collect_struts(client_t *, strut_t *);
#ifdef SHAPE
extern void set_shape(client_t *c);
extern void del_client(client_t *c, int mode);

/* ui.c */
extern void user_action(client_t *c, int x, int y, int button);
extern void focus_client(client_t *c);
extern void move_client(client_t *c);
extern void resize_client(client_t *c);
extern void iconify_client(client_t *c);
extern void uniconify_client(client_t *c);
extern void shade_client(client_t *c);
extern void unshade_client(client_t *c);
extern void zoom_client(client_t *c);
extern void unzoom_client(client_t *c);
extern void send_wm_delete(client_t *c);
extern void goto_desk(int new_desk);
extern void map_if_desk(client_t *c);
extern int sweep(client_t *c, Cursor curs, sweep_func cb, int mode, strut_t *s);
extern void recalc_map(client_t *c, geom_t orig, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, strut_t *s);
extern void recalc_move(client_t *c, geom_t orig, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, strut_t *s);
extern void recalc_resize(client_t *c, geom_t orig, int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, strut_t *s);
#ifdef DEBUG
extern void dump_name(client_t *c, const char *label, char flag);
extern void dump_win(Window w, const char *label, char flag);
extern void dump_info(client_t *c);
extern void dump_geom(client_t *c, const char *label);
extern void dump_removal(client_t *c, int mode);
extern void dump_clients(void);
#endif /* AEWM_H */

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